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You are a busy professional with a demanding career. You often feel stressed out, exhausted, and overwhelmed with your work and family responsibilities.

You often wake up tired in the mornings and find it challenging to get out of bed.


Your daily fatigue affects your mood, focus, and productivity. 


You don’t have time and motivation to exercise consistently.

You binge on unhealthy foods and then feel guilty about it.


You stay up late and don’t get enough sleep.

You don't have the energy to do the things you enjoy.

You've tried making changes but nothing worked.

I can help you create a healthy and active lifestyle!!!  

 Together, we’re going to get to the bottom of your daily behaviors that sabotage your physical and mental health and replace them with empowering ones.

We'll also examine and address self-limiting beliefs that have been holding you back from reaching your fitness and wellness goals. 

You’ll learn about various aspects of fitness and wellness, including quality sleep, good nutrition, optimal exercise routine, and stress management.

You'll start making healthy choices and taking consistent daily actions to live a vibrant life!


Eliz G. 

I wanted to get back in shape for a long time, but as a single mom with elder care and a demanding job, it was impossible to find the time. Or so I thought. Then I joined Olga’s Your Roadmap to Wellness program, and my life changed.


First, Olga is a “one-stop” shop. Everything you need to know about fitness and wellness is included in her coaching program.


Second, she is an expert with no judgment. She meets you where you are, helps you develop an exciting yet achievable goal, and provides the expertise and tools to get you there. Truly non-judgmental, she shares your joy in achievement.


Finally, you will experience a mind shift. Because once you've accomplished your fitness goal, you will move on to the next objective and the following one. You will learn to stop judging yourself and to enjoy the journey. And you will gain confidence from knowing that you’ve achieved challenging goals. Olga's Your Roadmap to Wellness program will change your life!