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Marina B.

I've been working with Olga for over two years. She helped me with many aspects of my life, whether it was dealing with stress, developing positive habits, improving my career, or bettering my relationships. She taught me many great lessons and provided me with the tools to take care of myself first.

Olga helped me face my fears and become less reactionary to the events outside of my control. Through the work we did together, I finally allowed myself to take action and make decisions based on what my best self would do/think/be.

We came up with plans and strategies that enabled me to find the time to pursue my dreams and aspirations, despite my hectic life as a working mom. 

While it was me burning hours in the gym or on hilly mountains 😊, I have to give credit to Olga for helping me find the strength and courage (!) to pursue my long childhood dreams of climbing mountains, running marathons (now ultras!), and finally, enter the world of triathlons.

To sum it up, I had never appreciated how helpful a coach could be, but am I so glad that I've connected with Olga. I've seen such a tremendous improvement in my life quality, health, and happiness, and I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone.

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Lara F.

I met Olga during my triathlon training about five years ago and have known her to be an incredible athlete. As I watched Olga achieving her fitness goals, I wondered to myself: "How does she do it? Where does she get her drive?" When I heard of Olga’s venture to guide busy professionals to achieve their fitness goals, I was immediately interested in working with her.

During our coaching sessions, Olga taught me to look at my fitness aspirations much differently from what I used to in the past. With her guidance, I  quickly lifted the negative pressures I put on myself. I have a new perspective on triathlon training. I now pursue my fitness goals because I want to, not because I have to. Our weekly coaching sessions showed me the way to find the joy in triathlon again.

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Oleg M. 

I've been fortunate to participate in Olga's group coaching program. I'm happy to see the significant impact her coaching has had on my fitness and health level. I genuinely appreciate that I've achieved the results by changing my lifestyle and attitude instead of just focusing on physical workouts.


My daily schedule has become more organized. I am more consistent about setting and reaching my goals: daily push-ups, work tasks, or family responsibilities.


Olga's program helped me to discover my internal resources that I never knew existed. Now I aim at the goals I never thought I could accomplish and overcome the obstacles that would put me down before. I am currently training for my first Ironman race.


I would recommend Olga to anyone seeking to improve their fitness through a thoughtful, in-depth, and steady examination of their lifestyle.

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Husefa S.

After having a countless failed new year fitness resolution, I decided to start my fitness journey in 2020 with Olga @ Your Best Self Fitness & Wellness Coaching.


At first, I was a bit hesitant and wasn't sure how coaching would work out virtually. On our weekly calls, we explored various fitness and health topics, discussed my progress for the prior week, and planned the upcoming week.  Weekly goal setting with regular follow-ups and micro-habit changes were transformational.

Olga’s coaching put me back on track towards achieving my fitness goals. She is personable, professional, and extremely knowledgeable. Her can-do attitude and quiet persistence is contagious. I would recommend her to anybody regardless of your fitness level.

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Beth V. 

Olga is an inspirational fitness and wellness coach who motivates her clients by leading a healthy and active lifestyle. Her personal experience as an athlete and mountain climber made her an expert in resilience, motivation, and goal setting.


Olga helped me achieve my goals and realize that everything is possible when I take small, consistent steps. I highly recommend her if you want to make changes in your life and achieve your goals.

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Jeff C. 

I highly recommend Olga as a fitness and life coach. She guided me through some pretty significant changes in my life and helped me turn some dreams I’d been waffling on into action with a simple process of her design. 

I only wish I had not waited so long in bringing her in as my coach. If I had done so years ago, who knows where I would be now. I cannot help but think it would be light years beyond where I am.


I cannot say enough positive things about Olga's coaching. Her style allowed me to recognize what I needed to do and deal with without her telling me what I should or should not do. 

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Brian F.

Olga exemplifies what authentic and genuine coaching is. She listens intuitively, acknowledges what she hears, offers meaningful insights, and asks just the right questions that helped me navigate the challenges I faced.


Regardless of the topic, big or small, Olga helped me achieve clarity and commit to actions that moved me towards my goals. If you are looking for a coach, I definitely recommend her. 

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Liubov L. 

Olga is a fantastic coach. She is very knowledgeable in so many fitness and health-related topics. When I got stuck and didn’t know how to move forward, she helped me resolve my problem and move on, inspired with my goals.

I love that Olga always believes in me and gives the right advice when I need it. Another great thing about having a coach is accountability. Olga knows how to hold me accountable without putting too much pressure. 

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Irina F. 

Working with Olga was very enjoyable and extremely productive. Olga is an excellent accountability partner who helped me establish a workout routine. Thanks to her coaching, I changed my mindset, was able to work through my challenges and stick to my new exercise habits for the first time in my life.

Having a diligent and non-judgmental coach helped me create my routine comfortably and at my own pace. I learned ways to motivate myself and stay consistent even when I got busy or circumstances were challenging.